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The Portfolio Composer (2015)


Ep 30-Anthony Maglione on Getting Your Score into the Conductor’s Hands

In this episode Anthony discusses the best practices on getting your score into conductor’s hands.

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Choir Ninja (2016)


Let Go, with Anthony Maglione

Anthony Maglione of William Jewell College stops in to share his thoughts on building a culture of trust with your choir.

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WWFM: Sounds Choral (2017)


Marjorie Herman focuses on a work by conductor and composer Anthony Maglione and his magnificent setting of verses by Walt Whitman called The Mystic Trumpeter. Join Marjorie for this work and insightful conversation with the composer about how such a work comes to be.

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KCUR: Up To Date (2018)


Andrea Ramsey and Anthony Maglione talk with Steve Kraske about a recent album release. 

The William Jewell College Concert Choir is celebrating their second international release, "I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes," which includes several works by local composers. Today, we learned about the process of putting together such a big project, and about the excitement of hearing one's own music come to life.

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KCUR: Central Standard (2019)


Anthony Maglione talks with Gina Kaufman about his work "No More" which is a reflection on the gun violence epidemic in the United States.

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The Choralosophy Podcast(2019)


Episode 4: Part 2. Seeing the Trees (There is no forest) with Anthony Maglione.

Anthony Maglione and Chris Munce discuss connecting with your students on an individual level. 

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